sharoo - my car is your car

Sharoo, the private car-sharing platform which works in cooperation with Migros, Mobiliar and Mobility, allows car owners to share their vehicle with their neighbours. The whole process of finding a car, booking it, and then being able to unlock and lock it takes place through the website and the app. A special insurance solution makes it very easy to have the car covered for the entire time it is rented. Sharing the car is easy, too: a sharoo box is installed in the vehicle, allowing the car to be unlocked and locked using the sharoo app – thus, there is no need to hand over the car keys in person. The "Circle Principle" has been developed so that owners can choose whom they want to of share their vehicle with, e.g. only friends, family, or the whole sharoo community. Prices can be set per Circle. Owners even get to choose how long their car is available for.

Car owners register at, where their driving licence is then checked. They can then download the sharoo app. Once the app has been installed successfully, users can find, book, and use cars in their area. The registration is free for owners. Sharoo is about to be rolled out in stages across Switzerland.