Our Work

We are not an "external agency" for our clients. We are part of a team and see ourselves as partners. Usually, we take on complete responsibility for the technical aspects of projects. It's not uncommon for us to also be responsible for product development and UI/UX design. We take our role very seriously and want to make sure that we are the right partners for the job. For this reason every request and idea goes through an internal evaluation process. We consider ourselves to be the right partners if we can identify with an idea and play an invaluable role for the success of a product through our know-how. We can proudly say that we hand-pick our projects.

paperless entry into the U.S.
my car is your car
park at the station
your experience matters
like room-service for the airport
find it, book it, park it
have a taxi in your pocket
manage your personal finances
get the olympic spirit


In order to transform an idea into a concept, and for a development process to result in a successful launch, it is essential that the various parties work together as a coordinated team. From software architects and designers to user experience designers and product managers – they are all specialists in their own fields, yet each one of them is working towards the overarching goal of creating a product with real value which is captivating and exciting!


Working on new products in a committed team – this is our passion. Lots of ideas are brought to us from outside. Founders with a background in business have an idea that they can't implement technologically on their own. Together we form a team that incorporates every necessary skill to do so. Our contribution to success:

The Founders

In the early days, mohemian's two founders, Florian and Christina, mainly spent their time working in Silicon Valley, which is also where they started their first venture. When it was time to put together a team at a fixed location, Florian and Christina chose their hometown of Innsbruck, Austria. Here, a dedicated team works on developing exciting new products. Although the mohemian headquarters is based in Innsbruck, projects are being carried out all over the world, which is possible due to modern technology.

Florian Scholochow, BSc.
CEO & Founder
MMag. Christina Scholochow

CEO & Founder

"Life is short. Do stuff that matters."